the renaissance of our website

by Rich Rokisky - Fri, Jun 17th, 2016

first website layout sketches

Over 15 years ago we put together ideas for our first website. It served us well...or at least served us enough to allow those interested to get to know a little about us from a discrete distance. It still vied for attention with other traditional advertising and to some degree still may, but by itself can never contend with our most effective advertising - 'word of mouth'.

Our first website departed the internet rather abruptly due to, well let's call it, service provider failure. The provider eventually collapsed upon itself like a black hole leaving no trace and taking along email addresses, content and our "old" domain name ( to some NSA storage warehouse in the cloud. It was time to move on anyway. So we claimed our new domain name  RNRDesigns.NET  and began rethinking our website.

So we began developing our next website and thanks to Tammy Katz ( for the great seminar she presented to American Institute of Building Design - Ohio Society on website development and marketing. It inspired and gave me some great ideas for the new website.

With the website development and photography services of Jim at Celuch Creative Imaging (, it's come together in a site that sheds light on the breadth and width of what we do for our clients here at RNR right so they can live better.

So enjoy the site, and feel free to leave your comments.