What RNR Designs does

personalized residential design

Our focus is residential design. The design of new homes, renovations, additions and outbuildings for homeowners and builders alike. RNR Designs develop the architectural design and create the accompanying construction documents so that the project can be built efficiently and lived in comfortably for years to come. A full range of residential design services are also available including site analysis, consulting and construction field observation.

From homeowner pictures, ideas, sketches and lists, RNR Designs will develop your wish list into a finished design that you can be proud of for years to come.

For Builders we offer consistent service, reliable talent and reasonable rates. Working directly with your client or acting as a 'back office' for your business, RNR Designs can supply architectural expertise to your toolbox when you need it.

How does the RNR Designs design process work ?

we listen...

Our process is thorough yet flexible enough to tailor to your needs. We'll have conversations that are in-depth to gather your sense of style, ask the right questions, and enable the creation of the home you've thought about for years. Flexible to design a home that follows tradition in a short timeframe (or budget) or a more involved design with custom architecture and integrated high performance features that require a little more time to evolve. We adapt the meetings to your schedule and lifestyle, and graphics to ensure you understand the design. All this with the assurance that a comprehensive set of working drawings will be developed during the process for your contractor.

getting started...

For many projects we suggest a meeting at RNR Designs office to allow you to get to know more about our work, our process and us. This meeting enables us to pull together the project framework so that we can put a tailored proposal together for you and your project.

Upon your acceptance of our proposal, we'll add detail to the project framework (a.k.a. architectural program) either through some intitial concept designs or possibly another meeting. Starting from that vantage, RNR Designs puts pencil to paper to create a home design that fits the aesthetic, functional and budget requirements of your project. From the initial concepts we'll continue to improve the vision of your new home until it's time to solidify those images into a complete set of construction documents that work as an instruction manual for the building of your new home.

Project requirements and complexity vary and, as a result, so does our pricing. We strive to keep our fees competitive in the marketplace to provide high value for our clients. We'll need to understand the project scope to determine the work required before establishing a design budget for your project.

Call and talk to Rich (or email us using the CONTACT tab) about the details of your project.

Why Use RNR Designs

what makes us different ?

It can be difficult to find the mix of competencies that RNR DESIGNS brings to your project. A creative, communicative and resourceful approach, combined with years of construction field experience and architectural knowledge combine for a pleasant and rewarding design experience.

Designing homes and producing working drawings for new home or renovation projects is what RNR DESIGNS does. So your best interest is always at the heart of the service, advice and consultation we provide.

The successful culmination of the design process is in creating a home specially for you. Sometimes put together from your favorite pictures, tearouts and sketches, and other times straight from creative talents of designer Rich Rokisky. 'Blueprints' are a helpful vehicle in getting your new home built correctly... with style and technically up-to-date (high-performance).  RNR Designs is well known by professionals for the quality of its plan sets. But we haven't lost sight of the fact that the 'blueprints' are just a means to an end...your new home. Once the design phase is complete the construction documents need to be finished as efficiently as possible to preserve high value for our clients.

That's why RNR DESIGNS personalizes our service package to your project. After reviewing some basic facts about the project we'll suggest the right set of services and construction documents for your project. Whether you need a BUILDER set drawings for a rural farmhouse addition or a MASTER set for a period lakefront home, you'll get our finest service bundled the way you need it.

Who Is RNR Designs?

Rich Rokisky started RNR DESIGNS in 1993. Operating a small 2-3 person office during that time, Rich has been able to maintain high standards and reliability for his clients. RNR DESIGNS has built a reputation of professional, consistant and courteous service to homeowners and builders. Rich's background includes nearly two decades of technical, creative and field work for contractors & architectural product firms before he started RNR DESIGNS. His experience developed a broad skill set that enable Rich an edge that few designers possess.
Staff includes experienced architectural drafters who are dedicated professionals. This allows RNR DESIGNS to use a drafter when the project calls for drafting and a designer when the project calls for a more experienced designer, creating efficiencies and value while producing quick turn-around times - a phenomenal value.