Homeowner Services

personalized residential design

RNR DESIGNS' unique mix of architectural talent, construction field experience and value tailoring enables us to offer first-rate design services to small and large projects alike. Our clients feel comfortable, confident and personally valued with a designer who can assess the true project goals clearly and concisely, create unique and appealing solutions, communicate clearly and convey technical aspects of a project accurately to a builder.

We customize our approach to each project. Whether it's creating a standard set of 'Builder' working drawings with a sensible amount of consulting; or a more comprehensive 'Master' set of construction documents for a more complex design, we're here to help. Most of our clients find the design and consultation, included in our 'Builder' Design process, suitable for their needs, while other projects require the more in-depth design and detailing our 'Master' Design process offers. See the sidebar for more on these.

Call Rich direct @ 330.343.9594 (8-5 EST Monday-Friday) or use the CONTACT  page to start on your way to having RNR DESIGNS on your team.

'MASTER' Design

MASTER Design can include these additional services along with all the aspects of the BUILDER Design.

See Master Design Examples

MEETINGS:  Additional consultation, typically between 3-8 meetings can include product selection, special conditions research and systems coordination. High-Performance and "best practice" review to achieve a comfortable, energy efficient, durable and ultimately livable home!

ELEVATIONS: Shown at a larger scale for clarity and detail on all sides. Additional 3D graphics including exterior and interior views and active modeling.  Detailing is often customized with an emphasis on historic reference, clarifying materials and special conditions. Additional annotations clarify and detail special conditions, while specifying additional detail elements (downspouts, lighting, etc.).

PLANS: Increased annotion and clarification of typically more complex and customized features


- Site Plans showing drives, walks, patios, outdoor kitchens, planting beds, arbors, etc.

- Electrical Plans showing lighting, switching, A/V, security,  etc.

- Structural Plans separated from main plan for additional clarity and detail

- Building Cross Sections and Details to clarify special construction or features. Often research is required to determine 'best practice' for atypical conditions

- Room and Trim Schedules, Interior Elevations and Ceiling Plans to clarify interiors

CUSTOM FEATURES: Many times we create unique customized features focused on requests, personal items, historic themes, architectural styles, or special materials, views or conditions. Distinctive fireplaces, decks, chimneys and railings are some of the features we are asked to create. Sketches may be all that are required. Frequently the sketches are followed by detailed drawings to assist in the execution of these features.This allows your craftsmen to do what they do, not waste time working the details out in the field.