Remote Home Design

by Rich Rokisky - Fri, Mar 3rd, 2023

Contemporary Home - early design phase

Sometimes our clients or their projects are remote.

Whether it's a client wanting to move to Ohio, creating a retreat on Lake Erie or a 'local' wanting to build/renovate a vacation home in Arizona, we can help. We help clients visualize their new homes anywhere. Our sketches and 3D graphics make it much easier to grasp visual concepts than flat plans and elevations ever could. Our approach uses clear communications to collaborate with builders, engineers and other team members while staying on track with project goals. For remote clients, we can offer overview services and a reliable site presence to their project.

Not every project needs the same design services so we create a design/drafting package just for you and your project. Customizing our services and communications to your particular comfort zone. Our goal and standards never change…a great design for your new home.

What’s a great home design?…your tastes and needs coming together in a design that fits your financial goals , that’s a great home design.