Cul-de-sac home with Catawba styling
Cul-de-sac home with Catawba styling
This lakeside narrow lot required a home that was designed to fit the 2-sided lake view.

Lakeside Residence

Design takes advantage of wonderful lakeside lot and resolves tight cul-de-sac entry.

Home Size: 3,050 SF
Home Style: Catawba Coastal

3D Animations

Exterior Images (click to view larger)

Human scale
Profile and massing take advantage of natural setting.
Welcoming Entry
Homes character evident in well detailed elements of covered entry
Cul-de-sac home with Catawba styling
This narow lakeside lot required a home that is designed to fit the 2-sided lake view.
Lakeside facade
Home offers views to south
Utilizing the south facade was important to brighten the interiors of the more private areas. Drive through Garage allows easy access to shore.
Side view
Construction shot shows great color selection.
Birdseye from sideyard
Interest and style continue around the side.
Lake view
The FRONT for shore lot owners.
Lakeside Home
Under construction photo reminds of necessary coordination that a well prepared set of construction documents allow project.

Interior Images (click to view larger)

Octagonal Foyer from entrance
Multi faceted Entry intuitively guides arrivals.
Octagonal Foyer
Paneled wainscot and interior transoms add to impressionistic Foyer.
Centrally located offers cheery space while hiding tasks at hand.
Open Kitchen to Dining connection
Transoms above cabinetry offer cool light to Kitchen.
View from Great Room to Dining/Kitchen
Communal area draws people together yet allows for individual character for each area.
Guest Powder Room
Secluded and unique Powder Room is important to guest's comfort.
Owner Bath
Privy can be private without being enclosed.
Guest Suite
Offers unrivaled lake views.
Guest Suite
Designed to offer complete privacy for guests.

Master Drawings (click to view larger)

Street view for lakeside home developed for narrow frontage of cul-de-sac lot.

Other Graphics (click to view larger)

Lakeside concept model
Lakeside concept model
DIning and Entertainment spill out onto lakeside verandah
Lakeside concept perspective
Lakeside concept perspective
Modeling allows early insights into the design.
Yard Side perspective
Yard Side perspective
Modeling the concept enables better understanding of massing of all sides.
Entry Side concept perspective
Entry Side concept perspective
Early model concepts help in understanding, developing and refining designs.